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We will be posting peoples stories on our instagram and TikTok with the hopes of amplifying the voices of survivors and putting more pressure on the world, to recognize the trauma we have suffered. Your story will be told in the format of a 60 second video on Tik Tok and instagram. Thank you in advance for being brave enough to share.

Things to consider…

1) How old were you? 2) What program did you go to? 3) What was the environment like? 4) Did you get to speak to family? 5) What did you experience? 6) How were you treated by staff?


To give our audience a better idea of who you are we like to include as many photos as possible. Consider sending some before you were sent away, during your time in the TTI, and after you made it out! 

Email photos to or submit via instagram, @teensforprofit.

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